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Oplatek's external memory

How I started with WordPress

Today I setted up WordPress. I wrote this my first external memory using vim and VimRepress plugin. To use VimPress type

and pres TAB at Vim command line


  • How to create new Posts not new page? Do not specify the StrID!

  • How to use html syntax highlighting for html for writing blogs?
    :set syntax=html
    or you can change the syntax for all blog post at directly to ".vim/syntax/blogsyntax.vim" by updating
    let b:current_syntax = "html"

  • How to use html snippets for writing blogs?

    set ft=html
    in ".vim/syntax/blogsyntax.vim"
    If you do not know snippets, definitely check the snippets out!

I have to figure out how to safely store my password but keep .vimrc with 644 permission available to synchronisation.