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How to connect to vncserver at Mff

I want to render OpenGL on server side.
One of my first step was to try out currently available software
for remote desktop.
One of them was TightVNC
I followed these steps

  1. I connected over ssh to u-pl3

  2. Checked that vncserver is installed at /usr/bin/vncserver at u-pl3

  3. u-pl3: Run vncpasswd

  4. u-pl3: Enter the password

  5. u-pl3: vncserver (open at port 5900 + display number -first is 5901)

  6. u-pl3: run ifconfig in order to see the ip address

  7. home: I run tightvnc and enter ip address of u-pl3

  8. home: I enter the ip address and change the port to 5901

  9. home: I enter the password set up at u-pl3

  10. I get connected

  11. I ran OpenGL example and get following error
    Xlib: extension "NV-GLX" missing on display "u-pl2:14.0".
    Xlib: extension "NV-GLX" missing on display "u-pl2:14.0".
    X Error of failed request: BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)
    Major opcode of failed request: 154 (GLX)
    Minor opcode of failed request: 34 ()
    Serial number of failed request: 29
    Current serial number in output stream: 30

  12. home: I disconnect

  13. I run

    vncserver -list
    #output like
    1: 23443
    #end of output
    vncserver -kill :1