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Screen - finally I can use not only my computer but also the screen :)

I am somehow using sreen for a long time.
Except traditional usage like window multiplexer for one terminal or process deatacher,
I used it for making Vim a CLI IDE for Python, SQL, or what so ever language using CLI.
See Slime plugin

This post will only concetrate on only on Screen basic functionality and commands

  • At the begining launch screen from terminal

    $ screen

  • Screen hot keys start with

    C-a // Ctrl and a at the same time

  • Create new window

    C-a c

  • Go to previous and next window

    C-a p
    C-a n

  • Change to a window marked by Number 0-9 (First window has number 0)

    C-a Number

  • List all created windows

    C-a "

  • Name your window

    C-a A

  • Kill the misbehaving program

    C-a K

  • Deatach process by this shortcut or by closing the terminal

    C-a d

  • Reatach in new emulator/session

    $ screen -r

  • Help

    C-a ?

  • Copying and pasting - screen has its own scroll buffer.

    C-a [ // copying
    C-a ] // pasting

  • Monitoring if other window is still doing activity (e.g. compiling). Triggered when there is silence

    C-a _

  • Monitoring if other window is still without activity (e.g. IRC session). Triggered when you receives message

    C-a M

  • Screen is closed when all programs are closed