oplaTech Oplatek Teaching Archive
Oplatek's external memory

Blender starts

7 front
3 side view
Ctrl+7 oposite

Num pad 5 - toggle perspective/ortographic mode
Num pad 0 - switch to camera view

Move screen - Shift + middle button

selected object are orange

Object mode

manipulators (looks like 3 axis at bottom panel) or hotkeys
manipulate the allong axis by draging the color arrows
manipulate the whole model by draging the white circle

s scale
r rotate
g grab

duplicate object

delete object

Object edit mode
to switch from Object mode to Object edit mode hit Tab
or select it from drop down menu in the left size on the bottom panel

Extrude tool
hit e

In edit mode
box selection by hitting b and selecting it in rectangle by left click and deselecting by middle click

To render or to see what camera see, select the camera and at the right panel hit image and escape