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Mosh better ssh?

My friend recommended me http://mosh.mit.edu/Free ssh client which make life easier on changing environments like bad Internet connections or traveling.

It works great after 2 month of using it!

It turns out to work great and after building it(I have no sudo on the server where mosh-server is running) and launching it. I needed to change Makefiles and figure out the launching (guys from the issues forum of Mosh helped me quickly)

So I am launching Mosh by

mosh --server=/home/oplatek/bin/mosh-install/bin/mosh-server oplatek@myserver.cz
and on the server is running

# this script is called mosh-server
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$mosh/lib #
ls -al "$LD_LIBRARY_PATH/libprotobuf.so.7"
exec $mosh/bin/mosh-server.exe "$@"