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Lubuntu without X11: fixed suprisingly fast?

The story begins very classically. On Wednesday I presented some examples of Dirichlet Process during our Bayesian Reading Group seminar. When I turned on my Asus notebook I cannot see the familiar X11/lightdm login.  Everything which I was able to accomplish was to switch Ctrl+Alt+F6 to console login. There work everything smoothly.

I took another notebook and went to school.With a dread of setting up Nvidia drivers I postponed fixing X11 on my notebook till Friday.

 On Friday I learned several points in very fast way. I consider it luck:)

  • I learned that I do not have any /etc/x11/xorg.conf (and that it's not such a problem)
  • That I can run lightdm from commandline and it works
  • However I can login with another user login (my girlfriends), but I can not login to mine account through the lightdm graphical login
  • I can not change from lightdm launched from commandline to another terminal via Ctrl+Alt+F4
  • However when I launch it under screen I can see the error output or I can log it:)
  • Then it was simple, I figure out the lightdm does not start because it can not delete .XAuthority file at my $HOME directory. So I deleted it. It fixed the problem.
Lessons learned:
  • I do not know nothing about X11. I should change it.
  • It's always good to have another test user at your computer
  • Logging is the common way how to debug and I like Linux because it logs almost everything.:)