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Artificial Intelligence 2012-02-20

  • Weak AI - solving hard problems. State of art.
  • AI - a machine can understand problems. (Classical problem of Chinese room)

How to cope with uncertainty?

  • Act as in believe state.
  • We eliminated some states by performing actions.
  • Big problem of large number of n states.
  • Trying can explore actions by going to \(2^n\) (I can use 2 actions from one state)
  • Apriorni pravděpodobnost (?aprior probability?) – unconditional probability
  • Příklad: \(P(Cavity \mid toothache) = \alpha\)
  • Nezavislost nam umoznuje ukladat mensi tabulky pro vypocet marginalni pravdepodobnosti.
  • Podminena nezavislost je castejsi a take setri \(P(X \mid Y,Z) = P(X \mid Y)*P(X \mid Z)\) vypocet