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Disabling MySQL, Apache2 on startup

There are a lot of similar articles. This one is for my configuration (Lubuntu 12.10).

Disabling on startup

Disable mysql: At /etc/init/mysql.conf comment out the 6 row

sudo vi /etc/init/mysql.conf
# edit the 6 line

# start on runlevel [2345] # automatic starting - disabled by Ondra
Disable apache2:

sudo update-rc.d -f apache2 remove
Disable postgresql:

sudo update-rc.d -f postgresql remove

Reenabling on startup

Renable mysql: At /etc/init/mysql.conf uncomment the 6 row

start on runlevel [2345] # automatic starting - enabled by Ondra
Renable apache2:

sudo update-rc.d apache2 defaults
Renable postgresql:

sudo update-rc.d postgresql defaults
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