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What to learn first on AWS?

What to learn first?

AWS is useful, well documented but overwhelming. The most important question for me is What to learn first?

  1. Setup bill alerts There is always danger of accidentally spending money. By setting up alerts for
    • overstepping budget actual budget plan
    • expected budget plan one can be quite safe not to spend a fortune

TODO link to documentation

  1. Setup logging Just makes logging easier

TODO link to documentation

  1. Automation Install command-line interface (CLI) for reproducibility and learn basic of CloudFormation an AWS service to automate things

Especially, it is useful to learn to shut down all your setup easily.

  1. Learn other AWS tools based on your needs However, be sure to take into account security (Role managment and best practices) since there is lot of bots trying to hijack your resources. TODO screen

TODO add examples of the areas