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Shortcuts in OS X (Google Chrome, Skim, Finder, ...)

There are few shortcuts I always forget, and a few I have not even discovered or set up.

  • Google Chrome refresh page without cache Cmd + Shift + r
  • Google Chrome go to the top Cmd + UP_ARROW
  • Google Chrome go to the bottom Cmd + DOWN_ARROW
  • Open terminal from Finder in current folder I tried several guides for OS X 10.10 - bot nothing worked out of the box for me
  • Ctrl + DOWN_ARROW launches mission control
  • Ctrl + LEFT_ARROW and Ctrl + RIGHT_ARROW switch to workspace left and right respectively

Karabiner default extension

I use https://pqrs.org/osx/karabiner/ The defaults adds the following mappings:

  • fn + RIGHT_ARROW emulates End button
  • fn + LEFT_ARROW emulates Home button
  • fn + UP_ARROW emulates PgUp page up button
  • fn + DOWN_ARROW emulates PgDn page down button
  • fn + delete emulates Backspace button
  • Check my custom settings

Spectacle shortcuts

Spectacle is a window manager which allows you to move window around. Its functionality varies from:

  • moving window to left/right half screen,
  • maximizing selected window,
  • filling up/down half,
  • to moving window to center or left/right third.