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Week 6, Dialogue Systems



  1. (3 points) Put DSTC2 and your tracker (from Week 3 homeworks) into ParlAI:
    • Install ParlAI - note that for me, their setup.py develop failed, but pip install –user -e . worked (“install in-place”, which allows importing the modules but you can still edit them)
    • Insert the DSTC2 data as a new ParlAI task
    • Adapt your tracker into a ParlAI agent that gets user input and outputs the current state (a simple string composed of values for food, price, area)
    • (? BONUS points) Choose one of the other datasets (see above) and add it as another ParlAI task. You may even try retraining your tracker on it.
  2. (O points, but be sure to do it so we don’t decide without you ;-)) Have a look at the papers for group projects and decide which of the tasks you like the most. We will discuss them in more detail in the next lab; we can also go over any points you find unclear.